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Rare-BB Art Claims!

Art Claims for Rare Big Bang are up!

Fandoms include Merlin/Torchwood/Doctor Who, The Sentinel (tv show)/Babylon 5, Fastlane/White Collar/Leverage, The Following, The Gates and Star Trek RPF/Raintree County RPF.

We'd like to see you there! :)

Introduction post

I'm looking for cheerleaders to read through the following fics, to help me with ideas, and so on and so forth. Here they are:

1. Journey bigbang
Fandom: Original
Pairing: Gen or slash
Rating: PG
Notes: a surrealist comedic parody of Lord of the Rings
Progress: 3K

2. cap-im bigbang
Fandom: Marvel comics
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Carol Danvers/Wanda Maximoff
Rating: PG
Notes: AU that the characters are SHIELD agents
Progress: 24K

3. Rare bigbang
Fandom: 19th century RPF
Pairing: Possibly Mary Shelley/Ada Lovelace or gen
Rating: PG
Notes: AU with superhero, secret magic and alien invasion
Progress: 0K

And I still want to sign up for smalll fandom bigbang. Basically, I'm looking for a cheerleader for any of those fics; you don't have to say yes to them all, I'm not evil and you're (probably) not insane, so yeah.

Rare Big Bang promo

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Come join Rare Big Bang!

*sorry if this isn't allowed, mods.

Looking for a BB.

Right well, I''m the type of person who cant finish a story with out a deadline and there are 2 plot bunnies i have and no bags to write them for. So i was wondering if anyone knew of any Supernatural Big Bangs or A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Big bang that is doing signup now or soon (like in the next week or two).

Also is there a com besides bigbangindex where i can find out about bangs that are doing sign ups?


Too many BigBangs

Heellllooo! Sorry to much MTN DEW. Just finished my first Supernatural bigbang on deancasbigbang! And I have a second author so I'm posting again soon too! Whoot! And signed up fer spn_reversebang j2_kane_bigbang spnbigbang_era dc_dystopia sassy_minibang wincestielbang spnaubigbang....

So I'm not sleeping til weell after next year. But I love doing the art fer bigbangs and making authors happy so eh I'll past out after I finish with everything.

Hey if anyone knows when the gabriel_bigbang starts sign-ups fer this year can you pretty please let me know?? Thanks! ^^

Oh and does anybody know if there's another Leverage based bb? 'Sides from thebigbangjob?

Thanks! ^^

New to the comm. :)

So, I'm glad I finished writing/editing my BBs for deancasbigbang and marvel_bang because I'm taking much longer than I thought to edit my big_bigbang (a 40k crossover that's technically been written for ever, just never properly edited).

Also, my sassy_minibang is going well, but I keep getting distracted by it instead of working on my 40k fic editing. lol

Any suggestions on how to keep me on track? :D I really want to complete a NaNo this year.

Beta needed

Working on my first bb post for spnaubigbang and I need a beta:) Story is not finished but I need somebody to look over it for me as I'm doing it. Anybody interested?


Beta/cheerleader(s) wanted

Hi! So, I don't know if I qualify as a bb-aholic yet, because I only first tried a Big Bang this summer and I've only joined two so far, but I certainly plan on doing more! I really enjoyed writing for marvel_bang, and my big_bigbang is actually a sequel for it - but the sequel is starting to hit the point where I could really use someone to read over my not-quite-a-rough-draft-yet and give me some feedback on what works and what doesn't (especially the latter).

Warnings and summaryCollapse )

If anyone is interested in helping me out with this, please send me a PM or drop me an email at teyke_keyte AT yahoo DOT com. Thanks!

Apologies for the edits, I dropped my brain and had to go find it

So many BigBangs

So I posted my bdsm_fandom BigBang today, which yay! All done.

I'm writing four bigbangs for tjrbigbang and I have the edits back for the four of them and for my crack_bigbang . So feeling good about those.

My rpf_big_bang  and my big_bigbang  are with different beta's. RPF is about half done and I'm feeling good about it, the big-bigbang will take longer, because it's a bit over 40k, but still feeling happy with them so far.

Which for now just leaves my dragonbigbang and my polybigbang to write. DBB I'm 5k in to a 10k min fic, but it's flowing pretty well, not as well as I'd like, but it's not like pulling teeth yet either. My PBB is a sequel od sorts to my cockbertbigbang . I've been wanting to write it since I wrote the CBB, so as soon as I finish DBB I will be having great fun with that.

I'm further ahead than I thought I would be at this point. So I'm not working on too much and I only have a few small challenges lined up. Anyone have any suggestions?
...if I ever want the time to write my novel.

I'm currently about halfway through my serialkillerbb fic which is due at the end of this month...

...and I've already signed up for FOUR fics for the mentalist_bb, which has just started. Four Big Bangs in as many months? Yeah, the novel is on the backburner again...


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